Pitch Day Round #7

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For three years, Dallas Film Alliance has sponsored short films in rounds. Screenwriters pitched screenplays, filmmakers voted on the ones they loved, and then we announced the three winning screenplays.

Script submission deadline January 20th

February 11th, 2018 is pitch day for Round Seven. And this year, we’re taking the competition to the next level.

Our screenwriters,will prepare, submit, and pitch screenplays. But then we’re putting the stories pitched into the hands of filmmakers.

On February 18th, our directors and cinematographers will pitch their vision, selected from the screenplays pitched.

Which stories move you? Inspire you? Which one can you see? Which vision do you perceive in your dreams?

Now is your chance to prove it.

Your pitch can include visuals—mood boards, presentations, comparisons to styles of other directors or cinematographers, or to other works—and you’ll be given five minutes to pitch your vision in a room full of filmmakers from here, in Dallas.

After vision pitch day, members of Dallas Film Alliance will vote for their favorite visions, and on Sunday, February 25th, we’ll announce the next three sponsored films of Round 7.

These films can go on to film festivals, and are eligible for submission to your Summer 2018 Premiere.


Here are the Rules:

1. Must be a member of Dallas Film Alliance to Pitch.

2. As a vision pitch, you are pitching as the proposed director or cinematographer.

3. You must submit visual aids before Vision Pitch Day for approval prior to the pitch.


Interested in Pitching a Screenplay? Click Here.

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Alex Espinoza